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    Cisco Scientific Atlanta D9854A

    Receiver Firmware
    28 June, 2011

    Cisco Scientific Atlanta has released a new version of firmware – V3.51 – for the Model D9854A receivers used in the Antenna TV distribution system. This firmware upgrade will address some intermittent closed captioning and cue tone issues that some affiliates have been experiencing.

    Most Antenna TV receivers have Version 3.25 firmware and should be upgraded. You can determine what version firmware is in your receiver either by opening an IP browser session and connecting to your receiver (the firmware version will be displayed on log-in page) or by using the receiver’s front panel. From the “Main Menu” screen, right arrow over to “Versions” <select> and read the current Application Code directly from the screen.

    The upgrade process for receivers at V3.25 requires using a S-A provided Code Downloader application and the upgrade file. The downloader application is actually a basic FTP transfer program married to their Download Trigger application. It is accompanying this e-mail as a single Zip file. Also accompanying this e-mail is the S-A instructions for the upgrade process, and the actual firmware upgrade file. The S-A instructions include screen shots and are very complete. Note that the firmware upgrade file MUST be placed in the root directory on the C: of the PC so the FTP program can locate it. Also note that we are upgrading the receiver firmware ONLY – there is no FPGA upgrade. Lastly, the receiver WILL reboot – or need to be power cycled if it doesn’t reboot automatically – so there will be a signal interruption to your viewers.

    Once upgraded to V3.51, any future upgrades can be accomplished without the need for the special S-A software.

    The upgrade has been tested on several D9854A receivers here at Antenna TV Central with great success.

Someone at Antenna TV will answer this technical trouble number at all times.
Please use it for technical issues 24/7, such as satellite reception, receiver issues, captioning, etc.

The number is: (866) 315-1876

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